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Percy Shozi – Piano Lessons
Online Lessons Available
Come and learn how to play the piano, a combination of singing while playing the piano option is also available. 

Percy is a primary school piano teacher who loves teaching students the important ingredients to make fantastic music. With Percy fun is the fundamental of every lesson.

Percy grew up in the Valley of a Thousand Hills, Durban, South Africa. His African roots gave him a love for music and the ability to sing in harmonies. It also gave him exceptional natural rhythm. This is a huge win for Australia as he is teaching this very important skill to grown ups and our kids. This guy is a walking metronome!

In primary school Percy sang in 3 different genres of choirs. He taught himself how to play piano by ear. He then started to write songs and stories about his life in South Africa.

In 2020, Percy completed a Diploma of Music Performance at Melbourne Polytechnics. Percy sings in Makepisi, a Melbourne-based 5 piece South African acapella group singing contemporary and traditional South African songs. He has gigs every weekend, performs at festivals including Womad Adelaide and Cygnet festival in Tasmania.

He has worked with famous artists like Evermore and Bliss n Eso.
He also regularly performs solo and plays the piano at citizenship ceremonies, Federation Square and private functions.
Percy lives his art everyday through his songs, poetry, paintings and children’s books.


Lessons - 30 minutes - $40 

Contact Percy for more info. 

0402 648 954

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