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Percy is a South African author and musician living in Melbourne.

He was named Percival by his Aunty, who believed he’d be a person who perseveres through all things (and he is).

He also has a Zulu name, Mqondisi, (yes, it has a click in it) but most people in Australia can’t pronounce it.

He grew up in the Valley of 1000 Hills, near Durban, South Africa - a place that gave him culture, and a deep desire to help people find hope in struggle. His music and books do exactly this. 

He now lives in Melbourne with his wife and two daughters. He spends a whole lot of time playing keyboard and reading bedtime stories. 

He noticed that his daughters rarely see themselves in these bedtime stories. So, he decided to write a series about Zola, a mixed-race girl working out where she fits in this world. 

He has also published two motivational poetry books for adults - Wings of an Eagle and I Am Sold. 

His favourite food is his mum’s jeqe (steamed bread) and beans, which no one can cook like her, and which is definitely worth travelling back to South Africa for. 


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