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Who Am I?

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Meet Zola.

She loves to sing, build and run.

Like all little girls, she wants to have fun.

She has two cultures and so much to do.

She was made to stand out and so are you.

Who Am I? is the first book in the Zola the Zulu Girl series. This series is the story of Zola - a young girl growing up in Australia exploring her African roots. In this first book you'll learn all about who Zola is and the wonderful things she likes to do.

The book:

  • 32 pages
  • Heartwarming, rhyming story
  • Joyful, colourful illustrations
  • Softcover, 25cm x 21cm
  • ISBN-978-1-928245-34-6
  • Published: December 2020
  • Printed locally in Melbourne

See inside. Watch the video.

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