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To the Younger Me

Hello there it's been a little while,

It's so good to see you with a smile,

I thought I'd finally write to you,

And talk about what you used to do.

You saved money and bought a bike,

You disregarded your mum's dislike,

Seven years old brave, strong and smart,

Too young, stubborn and loved art.

Your walk was the art of a dance,

Your talk gave others a chance,

You once fell and nearly lost your eye,

Too brave you didn't even cry.

At some stage you didn't have shoes,

“Sorry no food to eat”, was no news,

No soap to use, yet the best in class,

Swimming then had a test to pass.

Hiding from fighting politicians,

Then became a youngest poetician,

Lost lots of your close family,

Much love and will miss them eternally.

The pain you suffered, suffer no more,

There's more than you ever needed before,

You're now a grown man that survived,

The world out there needs to be revived.

To The Younger Me

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