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Open Door

Opportunities lie before me,

I've changed my view,

The gift He laid within before time began, gives me the goods to win.

I see an open door

Others may run away from what I run to,

Aligning my purpose to His will,

I attack like a warrior, skill wars like a soldier,

Marching in line, never retaining the past, I've done the math,

I have the ability and the right to enter into the hills from which my help comes from.

I am redeemed by the renewal of my mind,

I travel through the galaxies to be with the angels and sing their old and new songs,

This journey might seem rather too long but every time I step my foot on earth the atmosphere changes,

I carry the fragrance of heaven that heals everybody around me,

God's hands and mine are interlocked to release heaven's abilities right down on earth,

Our inhale and exhale releases the echo that existed from the beginning,

Our fate and faith are intertwined to bring His Kingdom right down on earth,

I see God with open arms and His eyes watching all over us like an eagle.

I see an open door

An open door that transfers me to the heavens where only God is worshipped by the angels,

I am holding nothing before God as He is so deserving of all the praise and honour,

I am beholding Him and transformed into His image,

I've redeemed the heavenly songs and sang the same song with the angels,

You, Lord are, all I have, and you give me all, I need; my future is in your hands,

You have inscribed me on the palms of your hand until the end,

I've opened doors and encouraged, your sons and daughters to do the same,

I am commissioned to transform the nations into your disciples.

Can you see? Can you see? An Open Door.

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