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Welcome Home Nala

At one o’clock your mum and I were just sleeping,

Out of comfort she suddenly started screaming,

We quickly ran the bath then rang emergency,

Flew all the way to the hospital out of urgency.

We quickly rushed through the door,

We then used the first bed we saw,

The room was crowded in a second,

We nearly arrived late they reckoned.

After a fully intense 10 minutes you were born,

We were so relieved as the crazy pain was gone,

We're still amazed by your gorgeous face,

Your beauty surely brightens this place.

Yes daddy cut your umbilical cord,

You can put that on your storyboard,

Your life will be filled with success,

You clearly have no time to digress.

We're so excited as you're finally home with us,

If you ask me, you're already doing fantabulous,

It's an amazingly perfect family we form,

That's why I proudly say, “Welcome home”.

Welcome Home Nala

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