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Bushfires in Australia STOP!

What a terrible time it has been

Strong pouring rain we’ve hardly seen

This dry grass rarely ever turns green

The air in the sky is hardly clean.

I’ve never seen anything like this before

Thousands of homes destroyed like we are in a war

A billion animals dead, lying on the floor

Firefighters who will never step their feet inside their door.

Because while they were on duty they sadly passed away

Other people also died ‘cause the fires blocked the way

How can one make a choice of whether to leave their home or to stay?

From this day I say, believers let’s continue to pray.

This is beyond everybody, all your support is highly appreciated

We want to thank everybody who has reached into their pockets and donated

Out of the kindness of your heart because no one is ever obligated

Let these numbers of deaths, injuries and loses in history be never calculated.

Like fog the smoke has been covering the mountains for so long

Firefighters want to see their loved ones back home where they belong

Aussies let’s keep supporting each other and remain strong

We are all looking forward to that day where we’ll sing a victory song.

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