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Silence and Passion

Come and break new grounds,

Come and release new sounds,

Come with a strum in a peaceful way,

Your peace is always full every day.

You are a bright light in a dark place,

I'll run miles just to see Your face,

You are an inspiration behind my song,

You make all things new, You make me strong.

You give me joy, You give me rest,

I feel best when I lie on Your chest,

All my pain drowns in Your love,

You fall fresh in my world like a dove.

All my worries You've made Yours,

You’ve sat me down so that You’ll fight my wars,

In my lifetime I've seen none like You,

I'm constantly amazed by what You do.

I see Your face covered with a big smile,

Let me dwell in Your presence for a while,

Enjoy the sweetness of Your presence,

Everywhere I go I feel Your omnipresence.

Silence and Passion

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