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I Am His Band

Like a cello my strings are tuned in perfect fifths,

Like a drum my sound resonates everlasting drum riffs,

Like a djembe with my variety of sounds I gather everyone in peace,

I Am His band.

Like a trumpet my vibration is buzzing in the ears of the heirs,

Like a flute I salute my King in spirit and in truth every morning,

Like a saxophone I am the most powerful woodwind for my King,

I Am His band.

Like a grand piano my notes are sustained to steady His message,

Like a guitar I am strumming my strings while hiding under His wings,

Like a violin my highest pitch sound is blowing across the strings,

I Am His band.

Like a soprano my pitch notation is my high heavenly bridge,

Like a contralto I don't need falsetto to construct my highest pitch,

Like a baritone my bass, tenor tone is real, deep and rich,

I Am His band.

Like a didgeridoo I am an aerophone that circulates through the ages,

Like clapsticks through the stages I clap my hands for my King's entrance,

Like His best band my symphony evacuates the spirits in His land.

I Am His band

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