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Rooted Up

I've sunk so deep in that fertile soil,

Stem and leaves anointed with oil,

Pictures of memories frozen in time,

Take me to my roots one more time.

A strong person stands like a tree,

A tree's not just what people can see,

Water disappears unlike in the cup,

Every strong tree is rooted up.

Prove yourself to be a strong fortress,

Like that tree in the middle of the forest,

Your hand is carrying something special,

People will really love your potential.

Plant yourself in that fertile soil,

Don't walk with friends that will spoil,

They will influence the way you think,

Stay where you can think and drink.

A growing tree becomes the centre stage,

And then turns to a meaningful page,

With love these roots will give you height,

Shine you so bright with the sunlight.

Rooted Up

Painting by: John O'Connell

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